"The Best Chocolates in America ." -bon appétite Magazine
"The creamy pistachio butter-date and the sesame butter-fig fillings draw on the region's signature candy flavors - and put Reese's to shame." -Los Angeles Magazine
"Artfully crafted, the richly layered characters cause an intense hunger for more. It's nothing short of a delicious debut." -Daily Candy
Top "Sweet and Salty Treats" -Daily Candy
"I was impressed with all of the Butter Cups, but I have an overwhelming need to award the Sunflower Honey and Classic Peanut Butter flavors the Awesomely Addictive Candy Award." -Candy Addict
"Ococoa Chocolates, based in Los Angeles, makes a line of gourmet nut-butter cups that are pretty delicious on their own, and even nicer paired with beer." -SeriousEats

"Ococoa's elegant take, a silky dark chocolate delicately filled with organic peanut butter and topped with a touch of Alaea salt, takes the concept to a gourmet level." -Cool Hunting

L.A. Holiday Gift Guide "Elegantly wrapped gift boxes are the perfect home for these sweet treats." -Huffington Post

"These are really extraordinary. Ingenious, delicious, beautiful, and packaged in a modern
but not outre style." -Chocolate Ratings

"...think of these like sophisticated peanut butter cups" -The Chocolate Cult
"I enjoyed the layering of ingredients inside a slightly deeper cup shape, with almond butter on top and flavorful, authentic cherry on the bottom. Very nice. " -Chocolate Banquet